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We now offer Himalayan Salt Pool Systems

Stop Damaging Your Health & Your Pool!

True Pool Maintenance Phuket offers pool consultancy, analysing all of the compulsory chemistry of the pool water and can determine the exact requirements of your pool maintenance, pump and water filtration.

We offer the first consultancy free of chargeproviding you with our recommendations after our inspection.

The majority of pool owners have very little or no knowledge of their pool system and water chemistry. We can inform you of the current health of your pool and highlight any issues, providing step by step instructions on how to fix the problems.

** We can now turn any swimming pool into a Himalayan rocksalt pool. Contact us for more details **

Exciting News! We now Offer a Completely Chlorine Free System!

The Truepool Chlorine Free System utilises a unique automatic dosing system that feeds a predetermined amount of oxidizing solution to your swimming pool, this in turn sanitizes the water making it crystal clear, creating a healthy and safe swimming environment with a water clarity that is second to none!

The Truepool Chlorine free system creates no water odours and doesn’t leave your skin with any kind of residue or smell commonly experienced with Chlorine or Salt system pools. The system is far kinder to your bathing garments, towels and any garden fabric furniture that might come into contact with wet bathing costumes.

The Truepool Chlorine Free System doesn’t not utilise copper, silver or any other heavy metals that potentially stain your pool interior or discolour your water.

Each Truepool Chlorine Free system is calibrated specifically for each and every pool installation, tailor made to suit any kind of bather load and residential or Commercial situation.

The system is environmentally friendly using less energy than a typical Salt Chlorination unit and far less water consumption. The water itself contains no harmful chemicals and all backwash water can be irrigated back onto your garden as the waste water has no adverse effect on animals or plantlife.

Himilayan Salt system & completely chlorine free system installation: discover the benefits of both systems which will improve the quality of the water and will reduce the chemicals expenses   |    Specific Consultancy for Hotels    |    Improve the quality of the pool water for your guests    |    Reduce chemicals consumption therefore reduce expenses

Consultancy & Maintenance for Private Pools

Full Service

Chemistry + Cleaning + Control & Technical Stains

Medium Service

Chemical Treatments + Technical Checks

Basic Service


Consultancy for Hotel & Public Pool Maintenance

Consultancy Service


A la carte consultancy including water tests, technical and chemistry check & evaluation

We provide a full report on the current hotel pool system situation, which often is wrongly based on high level chlorine consumption. We can assist any hotel to switch to a much healthier system, which will also reduce considerably the costs of the pool maintenance, regardless the pool size.

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